Hard Edge Latitude Petrol Lighter - Clear

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The name Latitude is taken from a terrestrial globe and speaks to the cosmopolitan nature of discovery and venturing beyond the known.


The model was introduced in 2005. It retains the clean economy of form of the original Hard-edge, and adds a dimensional, ridged design to the casing. The geometric pattern is achieved through a method called “diamond cut” in which patterns are made with a diamond tipped engraving bit. We took the unusual, if inefficient, approach of employing this technique used for jewelry and the ornamentation of metal, and applied it to polycarbonate. The effect is simultaneously luxurious and utilitarian, carrying a sense of ease. Handcrafted from beginning to end in Tokyo.


Petrol Lighter


Material: Polycarbonate, Steel and Cotton


Size: 60 x 35 x 15 mm


Made in Japan


Please Note: This product can not be shipped internationally.

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