jane.issue six

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And so, in an effort to hear and honour our true and proper intentions and to buy back the things that aren’t supposed to own us, we dedicate this issue to the soul. To transcending through silence into the constructs of our creative purpose. To the pathways that guide us back to what’s inside. To the exploration of our soul language and to considering the state of being that arises from submerging ourselves into the deep end of creative freefall. To the beauty and the art that can be born from the soul’s labours and to the ways in which we communicate this expression.

To the awareness required to listen and come back, to showing up for your life. To the things that set your soul on fire, to the ways we hear them, and the ways we honour them. To the soul kitchen and the vehicles that take us there. To the sounds and messages of our most sincere self.

To true feeling and true spirit. To coming home to ourselves.

To the vehicles of the soul.

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