Paris Large Candle - Carron

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PARIS was created for Mathilde Carron (from CARRON PARIS) as a metaphor of her life long admiration for roses.


A pure attar of roses, virtual bridge between the ancien imagination of Pompeii frescoes and the scents of rosa damascena, rosa centifolia, rosa gallican officinalis.


From Pierre de Ronsard who invites us to "see if the rose this morning has disclosed its purple robe to the sun", to Pierre Carron who cultivated the prettiest old roses with love and covered her childhood with their petals.


The main note is Rose Centifolia, a strong, graceful, heavy flowers that opens in the shape of a full cup. Its intense perfume, single flowering and pure color pink make it as unique as the candle PARIS, an elegant and subtle fragrance.


300g soy wax, 2 cotton wicks, approx. 70 hours burn time


poured in our signature white opaline hand made glass, to be re-used at your convenience once the candle is finished (simply wash the vessel with hot soapy water).


Ingredients: Rose Absolute

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