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Christy Dawn

The Dawn Dress - Vintage Lace

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The Christy Dawn namesake dress is without a doubt their most popular style. How can you not have a crush on something so comfortable and carefree? The best part is that this dress is a complete outfit on its own. The Dawn boasts a plunging neckline, drawstring waist and full skirt and pairs well with just about anything.

- Adjustable drawstring waist
- Neckline snap closure
- Lined
- One Size

Fabric Description
The Rayon lace chiffon used for this Dawn Dress is rescued deadstock fabric that was left over from a larger fashion house. By using deadstock fabric they save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water annually and keep the planet clean.

Where It's Made
All Christy Dawn dresses are made in downtown Los Angeles by the best dress makers in the world. Each seamstress is paid a fair living wage. Christy Dawn prides themselves on the positive environmental and social impact the company is making. They don't just want you to look good in their dresses, they want you to feel good about what you're wearing too.

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