A conversation with Innes Heywood of Innes Lauren

We recently spoke with Innes, the founder and designer behind Australian swimwear label Innes Lauren, about the brands origin, Australian manufacturing and a little about herself! We fell in love with her effortless nature and genuinely passionate approach to all aspects of business. And if you are a tiramisu lover, read to the end to find the best spots to get your fix. 

Thanks so much for chatting with us Innes... 

Can you tell us a little bit about what led you on the journey to begin INNES LAUREN?

I was always intrigued by design, art, architecture, and fashion. I believe swimwear specifically came from my love for the ocean, warm days and the freedom that comes from being in nothing but a swimsuit. I find myself happiest like this, barefoot by water and nature.

I have many old photographs from my childhood growing up in east Bali; of my Mum in swimsuits when she was my age, to when we were a young family; photos of my Dad in silks and Batik sarongs. This time in my life was very impactful and will always be used as a source of inspiration.

We're so excited to have just launched INNES LAUREN in store and online. Can you tell us a little bit about this collection?

This year I actually returned to Manggis, Bali, where I grew up as a child. This homecoming was different from previous trips I've taken.. I was searching for comfort, familiarity, maybe some closure.
I spent my days swimming and staring at the ocean, which is visible in my Midnight-Blue, whilst reflecting on memories of my childhood and the innocence of that time which you can see in my newly released, Pure White.

Why was manufacturing in Australia so important to you?

Building a business model that supports onshore manufacturing using a locally-based small-batch production model has always been at the forefront of my mission. I think if we can, its important to support production in Australia. It also allows for me to have a more hands on approach with my manufacturing and be able to drive 2 hours to go visit the factory.
Each Innes Lauren swimsuit is made within a small woman owned and operated production house in Brisbane who specialise in swim. I feel lucky to have close relationships with our trusted suppliers and makers.

How do you like to switch off and unwind?

I really enjoy taking myself surfing on a quiet day during the week when the waves are small. Sometimes I just paddle out and lie there. I also like to do things with my hands like make pastry in my kitchen with a great playlist on.

What's your favourite swimming spot that we should know about?

This question is hard as I have many, but around this part of Australia, I really love the little beach just over Broken Head Headlands, I don’t believe it has a name. On hightide there isn’t any sand but I quite like swimming off the rocks. I also really loved discovering earlier this year a big swimming hole just out of Murwillumbah on Upper Crystal Creek Road.

We hear you are tiramisu lover just like us! We are eager to hear where the best ones you've ever tasted are?

I have a huge love affair with tiramisu! Last year I spent a few months in Italy, one of those being in Rome where I stayed around the corner from maybe my favourite restaurant and definitely the best tiramisu I have ever tasted. The restaurant is called Rioscoli’s. The right balance of every ingredient but definitely on the boozy side which I love. In this part of Australia I love the tiramisu at my friend's restaurant No.35 in Cabarita Beach, also boozy and delicious.