Feasting for Easter

With Easter fast approaching, we devoured some of our favourite cookbooks currently in store to come up with our ideal Easter Menu. We love to begin with a light but fun breakfast to ensure we aren't too full for the long lunch ahead. Always seasonal, and we mix up the protein each year depending on what we feel like! Dessert has to be something with chocolate in it of course. And we are usually too full for dinner, so we settle for an easy supper. Keep reading for our Easter menu recipes and the books you can find them in. Enjoy!

For breakfast, we chose the homemade crumpets from the book FROM SCRATCH. These can be made a day ahead and reheated in the morning. We like to serve with store bought lemon curd and greek yoghurt to make it really easy on ourselves.

Lunch this year will be a delicious free range chicken that is spatchcocked and served simply. This recipe comes from the beautiful book, SUPPER. The book also contains some dreamy photos of simple table settings and tips on putting your own menu together.

We love this interesting take on a potato bake. The comforting addition of chard speaks to the cool change we are feeling. This recipe also comes from SUPPER.

 THE KEW GARDENS COOKBOOK provides the goods with this seasonal salad which will pair perfectly with chicken. Plums have been so delicious this season. If you can't get your hands on carlin peas, then substituting with any lentil or chickpeas would work great. 

The book SLOW DRINKS is more than just a drink recipe book. It is split into seasons and tells the story of botany, history and culture when it comes to creating drinks. We chose the Pine Barrens Cocktail because it sounds delicious and interesting but not too difficult to make. No foraging required here!

And if you aren't into gin, then we think this French white wine, a 2020 Alban Roblin Sancerre, would go perfectly. You can purchase this from our neighbour QUINCE.

For dessert, you really can't go past a classic chocolate cake on this special day. Especially one as easy as this! This also comes from the book FROM SCRATCH. We love Fiona's prelude to this recipe. We would make it our own by loading it with our favourite Easter eggs and maybe a few edible flowers.

And finally for supper, you may be the kind of person that just likes to finish the day with a chocolate bunny, but we love to end with something savoury and light because it is likely we have been snacking on chocolate all day. These life-changing wheat crackers from the book FROM SCRATCH are exactly as Fiona describes "the thing that most people buy and that once they start to make their own, never go back". These stay fresh for at least 4 weeks, so you can make a long time ahead. Pair with your favourite cheeses and maybe another Pine Barrens to end the night.