Fashion & Sustainability in NZ

 words by our dear friend, Montana Purchase

Some of my favourite brands have been born in New Zealand in the past decade or so. These brands embody a new era of fashion, celebrating unique design with ethics and sustainability at the forefront of business. These cool kids across the ditch have their priorities in order and are taking the fashion world by storm.
When you visit NZ, you can see where this sense of preservation may arise when surrounded by ethereal landscapes and untouched coastlines. This little country, not much bigger than the state of Victoria, has proven its progressive attitude. Their leading woman, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has gathered world praise with heart-warming compassion and sincerity. Qualities that are translatable to the kiwis I have gotten to know.

The Wellington based brand, Lonely, have established themselves world-wide, fostering a global community of body positivity and freedom of expression. Designed for women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves, the brand has successfully introduced clothing and swimwear capturing the same essence of what made their brand distinct. Lonely is committed to manufacturing 100% traceable and sustainable fabrics, hardware and dyes.

Kowtow is a NZ label committed to positive change, preserving the planet and protecting the people. Known for their refined, timeless design and relentless devotion to their ethos, Kowtow serve us conscious consumerism on a platter. From the seed, to the garment, to post-care, to fair wages for their workers world-wide, each and every part of Kowtow’s impact has been calculated and redefined. In Kowtow we trust.

As the world recently grinded to a halt, we started to see the implications of our actions in reverse. From world-wide lockdown emerged clear waters in the canals of Venice, abundant in sea life. Smog dissipates over Beijing and Shanghai and images surface of pristine waters in the Indian Ganges. From this it is plain to see that our choices impact our environment. In this day and age it is more important than ever to purchase with intent, to know who you are backing and to represent a positive impact.

If you’re fortunate enough to have the choice, consume consciously.
Kind Curations sell nice things for nice people and a nice planet.
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