Sundays No. 7 - Josie and Jason

Josie and Jason (Jay) invited us to spend a slow afternoon at home with them alongside their daughter Camila and Golden Retriever Betty. A beautiful afternoon with this relaxed family, with the scent of brown butter in the air from the delicious pasta they cooked for us. Jay, previous Executive Chef of Paper Daisy at Halycon House, has just taken on the role of Executive Chef at the soon to open Supernormal Brisbane and Bar Miette. An exciting time for us foodies in QLD! We were so grateful to pull up a bar stool and watch him in action in his own kitchen (which they renovated themselves mind you!). We chat all things food and their ideal way to spend a day off together, plus Jay kindly shares his recipe for Ricotta cappelletti, chestnut mushrooms, purple kale, burnt butter.

Josie wears the All That Remains Rita Shirt and Rita Pants.

Jay wears the Lady White Co Double Knit Jacket. Josie wears the Jac + Jack Peter Sweater and Wick Skirt in Cilla Pink.

1. What are your favourite ways to spend a day off together?
A day off together will almost always start with a walk to the coffee shop, if it's a warm sunny day, we love to get an açai bowl from the Salt Mill in Currumbin, with both of our girls in tow of course! (our daughter, Camila and Golden Retriever, Betty). On Saturday's, we love to walk to the local markets to get some fresh produce for the week and pastry for the walk home.
A dip in the ocean is often on the cards for the four of us or if the weathers not great, we like to brew our coffee at home and chip away on small bits of our home renovations and spend the afternoon cooking up a nice meal together (while chasing our little crawler around the house).

Josie wears the Deiji Studios Open Long Sleeve Top and St Agni Pinstripe Maxi Skirt. Jay wears the Orslow Hickory Stripe Work Shirt.

2. Why did you decide to settle on the Gold Coast?

I (Josie) grew up in the hinterland of the Gold Coast so these areas have always been home for me and after meeting and living with Jay, who is originally from Melbourne, in the Northern Rivers, I was lucky enough that he fell in love with the coast and reignited my love for the area. We both love the southern Gold Coast for its weather, beaches, relaxed lifestyle and for the fact that it is the perfect place to raise a family. Also being right between Brisbane City and Byron, you are never too far away from anything!


Jay wears the Carhartt WIP Modular Jacket  and Patagonia Classic Retro-X Jacket. Josie wears the Vermeer Studio Yasmin Necklace.

3. A house full of great books of course! What are favourite cookbooks in here at the moment?

Ester, Mat Lindsey
Hot regressive cuisine, Paul Delrez
Mission Chinese food, Danny Bowen
Jamie Oliver The Naked chef (I regularly go back to this, it was my first ever
cookbook and the recipes actually work at home)

4. Can you share the delicious recipe you cooked for us?

This is a recipe you may find me cooking at home for my girls, most likely when we
are having friends over and we need to impress!
It’s simple to pull off but needs time for preparation.
The pasta can be prepared the day before, it’s definitely worth the effort.
Autumn is one of my favourite seasons for vegetables and herbs, which I always love to incorporate into my cooking. Some ingredients can be substituted, say mascarpone instead of ricotta, any fresh herb in place of the Thai basil.
The key to this recipe and any cooking really is good quality, fresh seasonal ingredients.

Ricotta cappelletti, chestnut mushrooms, purple kale, burnt butter

Pasta dough
400g 00 flour
4 whole best quality eggs
Splash water
Pinch sea salt

Ricotta filling
400g good quality fresh ricotta
Apple balsamic
Sea salt
Black pepper

Chestnut mushrooms
Purple kale
Thai basil
Buffalo feta

For the pasta dough, gently mix the eggs into the flour by hand until combined,
adding salt and a little water to get the consistency just right.
Knead the dough for 10 minutes until smooth and stretchy.
You can use a stand-up mixer for this process if you prefer.
Wrap tightly and refrigerate for 2 hours.

For the filling, combine all the ingredients, season well and place aside.
If you can’t find apple balsamic, you can replace it with something sweet like regular
balsamic or honey.

To roll out the pasta, I use a KitchenAid pasta attachment, but you can definitely use
the standard hand pasta roller.

Roll the pasta out thin, using the book fold technique (it’s difficult to describe so
YouTube it) to get the dough perfectly smooth.
Once rolled out, cut round’s using a pastry cutter about the size of a base of a wine
Fill the dough circles with a large teaspoon size amount of the ricotta filling and roll
the pasta into cappelletti shapes! (YouTube it again)

Place the pasta dumplings into salted boiling water and cook for 4 ½ minutes.
While cooking, heat a heavy based pot and add 100g of unsalted butter.

Heat until butter turns golden brown, being careful not to burn the milk solids (you
will know if you do, there will be black specks all through the butter and you will
need to start again)

Add the mushrooms and kale, being careful as it will spit and splash a bit. Take
off the heat and cool.

Arrange the kale, mushrooms and cappelletti on a large share style plate, dress
with the butter sauce from the pan and garnish with some fresh basil, buffalo feta and
parmesan cheese.

Enjoy with a chilled wine of your liking.

Our 8 month old, Camila enjoyed the cooked cappelletti unseasoned and cooled to room temp.