The Story of Yuketen

Yuketen was founded in 1985 by designer Yuki Matsuda. Since its conception, the brand has paid homage to the American crafts and traditions of artisan footwear and luggage making. Matsuda travelled across remote locales in a quest for discovering these American rarities, meeting various footwear, luggage, blanket and leather artisans along his way. Yuketen exists from the lessons and years of heritage that Matsuda took from these artisans, with the meticulous quality and artistic aesthetic in each Yuketen piece being a testimony to the passion of these highly skilled and dedicated makers.

Handmade Footwear by YuketenCareful consideration is invested in selecting all components and raw materials for each Yuketen article. Their products are handmade using buttery oiled leathers tanned in America, smooth and silky suedes tanned in Toscana, Italy, and vegetable leathers tanned in Mexico using only natural energy.

Deconstructed Leather Uppers of Yuketen Footwear

Deconstructed Midsoles of Yuketen Footwear

Deconstructed Outsoles of Yuketen FootwearYuketen believes that the final touches on each of their products are completed by the lifework of the owner; with folds, creases, scuffs, scratches and the outline of their footprint that all develop over time with wear serving as visual mementoes of their lifetime.

Yuketen Alejandro Loafers

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