A conversation with Tegan Dermek of Syrup

We recently spoke with Tegan Dermek, the founder and maker of Australian lingerie brand Syrup. She calls it a 'passion project', and we have found the best brands start as just that. Made out of love and genuine interest in the product, as opposed to creating something in the hopes it goes viral and makes a quick buck. We have loved watching her pieces evolve, from being completely unbranded to the cute tags hand sewn on the back, the design updates with her new Celia pieces as she listens to feedback from her eager customers, the thoughtfulness that has gone into the branding and content she creates. We love to see it. 

Tegan gives us a few fast answers below so you can all learn a little more about Syrup and herself. 

Tell us about how Syrup came to be?
Syrup was created as a passion project during lockdown. I was living in Sydney and designing and sewing undies for my friends, one thing led to another and the next minute I was receiving DMs on Instagram with people asking to purchase a pair.


What have been the biggest hurdles and learnings in starting your own brand?
The biggest hurdles so far have been sourcing deadstock fabrics. It’s like treasure hunting though, pretty fun. As well as attempting to grow a business whilst staying true to my ethics and values.

What does a typical day in the Syrup office look like for you?
There isn’t really a 'typical' day in the syrup office per se. My weeks are consistently filled with design, sewing, fabric sourcing, shooting and more. I love how diverse every day is.

We love that you have considered gender neutral styles in your collections. Tell us a little more about why this is important to you.
I have tried to incorporate as much body positivity as possible into my collections. Offering a non-gendered pair of briefs was an extension to the brands inclusivity and just felt like the right thing to do.

Not only does Syrup have a natural and distinct style, but you do too! How would you describe your personal style? And what are the 5 things in your wardrobe you’d never part with?
Thanks for the compliment! When I started Syrup I actively didn’t look at any other lingerie brands socials or websites. I think that really helped to keep Syrup original and genuine. 5 things I’d never part with... hmm... I’m constantly rotating my wardrobe; selling and buying, but 5 of my favourite pieces would be my mum’s white trousers from the 90s, a black bikini, my Officine Creative leather boots, an engraved signet ring my friend gave me, and my new St Agni trench.

You are currently based in the Gold Coast after many years of living in different countries and cities. What is it that you love about here? And can you share any secret local spots you love?
It has been so lovely to be back on the GC! There’s been so much evolution since I grew up here. My favourite things about being back are the endless options of right-hand point breaks up and down the east coast and the sense of community. I do have a few secret rock pool and waterfall spots but I’m not going to disclose them here...!

What are you listening to and reading at the moment?
I just finished reading Siddhartha, it's a classic that i'll definitely be adding to my list of favourites. Today I discovered a new song by an up-and-coming Australian artist that i've had playing on repeat - Temple by Minali. I've been rinsing Sade too.

The new Syrup collection is now available in store and online here.