A quick chat with photographer, Ruskin Brown.

We recently caught up for a quick chat with fashion photographer and friend, Ruskin Brown. Ruskin's work finds beauty through black and white film photography, capturing the contrast and shadows otherwise lost in coloured images. Heavily inspired by the fashion photographers of the 60s and 70s, he looks to retain an element of art within his images rather than focusing solely on the clothes, something that he believes has been lost with the rise of the fast fashion industry.

Ruskin, tell us a bit about yourself…

Well, I was born in Sydney but raised in Mullumbimby and had a great lifestyle there. 

Ruskin Brown for Kind Curations

How did you get into photography and what is your ultimate career goal?

I got into photography because there was a darkroom at my high school (Byron High), so I developed all my film and printed onto photo paper, and started to develop a great interest at the same time. In year 10 I decided to do a diploma in photography, and next step was to move to Sydney and tee up some work in photography assisting photographers through friends and friends of friends. I’ve been assisting for about 4 years now and love it.

My ultimate career goal would be to be booked a couple of times a week doing shoots for magazines and to have my work displayed in galleries.

Ruskin Brown for Kind CurationsWhat is your artistic style and inspiration?

Black and white for sure. I love the texture-like quality of black and white images and all the shadows and the contrast. It is so much more beautiful. With colour everything is lost, but with black and white there is so much more simple beauty.

I find 60s and 70s fashion photographers quite an inspiration because they were producing art, not just focusing solely on the clothes. I feel the art has been lost in fashion photography nowadays because it is so easy for anyone to market and advertise through Instagram. With the rise of fast fashion, the value, meaning and passion in fashion photography has been lost in an industry with quicker shoot turnarounds than ever before.

Ruskin Brown for Kind CurationsRuskin Brown for Kind Curations

What do you like to do for fun? And how do you relax?

I love to spend hours in my darkroom at home developing film and printing images. I find it very therapeutic. I also love fixing and restoring old furniture and old cars in my shed. To stay fit I love anything on wheels, like motorbikes, skateboards and bikes. I also love pottery and to do oil paintings with my girlfriend, Tegan. 

Thanks for having me. KIND CURATIONS RULES

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