Behind The Collection: YON by St. Agni

Intended to capture a sense of calm and deep grounding, YON by St. Agni is realised from a place of grace and gratitude. The collection sees a soothing display of Kimono wrap silhouettes, Origami sleeve detailing and subtle luxury, all confirming minimalism as an integral part of the St. Agni framework. Delivered in a palette inspired by the essence and healing properties of the calming lotus flower tea, the designs were created to work seamlessly with past and future collections, rendering the idea of a timeless wardrobe while exploring purposeful design and minimal detailing.

YON by St. Agni, Part II


With a focus on subtle texture, the calm and clean rigor of the collection is recognised through simplistic cuts crafted from luxurious, natural and refined materials. The intention was to stabilise and sooth, to calm and anchor the aesthetic, to bring you back to a place of being that feels more grounded, connected and balanced.

YON by St. Agni

YON by St. Agni

"2020 was such an unprecedented year, we were in the thick of the unknown when conceptualising YON. In the initial stages of designing, we felt so grateful and fortunate to still be creating and doing what we love. We started with fabrications - using natural fibres and materials was key, this has become a repeat starting foundation for us. From here we built out the colour palette and textures."

— Lara Fells, Co-Founder & Creative Director

Lara Fells and Erika Toscano of St. Agni

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