Leaha Lockley of All That Remains

Inspired by the craft of artisans, people, places and treasures uncovered on travels, All That Remains offers limited edition pieces that embody timeless femininity and simplicity. The brand's latest collection, 'The Gentle Road 02', is the perfect balance of delicate, feminine styles and everyday wearability. We caught up with the brand's founder, Leaha Lockley, who shares her inspiration for the collection and a word of advice for the future generations of the fashion industry.

We are obsessed with your latest collection ‘The Gentle Road .02’. It’s delicate and feminine and just so effortless and wearable. Tell us a little about the inspiration behind it and what your creative process looks like.

A Stillness, appreciating all we have and moving forward in the most thoughtful way possible. We take The Gentle Road.

Making our collections with a non-mass-produced Philosophy, caring for mother earth and leaving a minimal footprint with limited edition runs, without over producing there is little to no waste. We make classic silhouettes that can be worn time and time again and encourage you to buy less.

Like all of our collections I like to offer a selection of Les Essentials that are wardrobe building blocks, pieces that can worn endlessly and are timeless, lace and embroidered styles with a strong approach to hand work are added in. l listen to my community and try to always offer what I feel is most desired. I don’t follow trends or seasons so much. I spend a lot of time on colour, I find so much inspiration in nature and collect keepsakes to use to try and match too, whether this be an ochre pigment, the hue of a green leaf, our world is constantly sharing its beauty with me and I try and take the time to notice this.

Fabric, fit and quality is also so important to me, so I spend a lot of time of the first fits, patterns and choosing natural but luxurious fabrics always considering the thought behind each decision. Ultimately, I want the piece to feel unique and special and the quality, the sewing and the hand work must be felt. I still sometimes pick up a piece of All That Remains and feel over the embroidery, visualising the two hands that have embroidered that top, knowing that human connection, weaving their story within the garment. It’s a process I find so sacred and special.

Leaha Lockley of All That Remains

When did you start All That Remains and what did your journey look like getting there?

I grew up with an extremely talented and dedicated mother, a teacher, a textiles lover and someone whom was always making and creating.  Her support and encouragement as children, led me to start like a little bower bird collecting vintage fabrics, hand works and curiosities.

Roughly 10 years ago now – I scribbled a few words down that created a mantra - “create thoughtful pieces, make less, own for a life time, All That Remains “– the sketches followed with initial designs for the first offering, collecting inspirational pieces whilst travelling with one of my dearest friends. We had just spent time in France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Turkey and Indonesia was where I would finish my trip. After studying Design and working within the industry as a Design assistant in Sydney, Toronto and London I was ready to embark on my own journey.

At this time, there wasn’t a focus on “slow fashion “most designers were producing 4-5 collections a year and it felt overwhelming and harmful to me, so if I was going to create the collections needed to have a strong focus on non-mass production, almost feel vintage, unique and the quality and hand work needed to be a huge focus. Choosing to sometimes make 2-3 pieces only, share stories of lost artisans, be as Thoughtful in my manufacture as possible to Mother nature and work with small families and know the individuals whom made each piece.

I began as a one-woman business and still am today, It’s the way I love what I do, and I enjoy being capable of working in different components of the industry on each day. It allows me to get to know my customers and have a really individual connection to them.

The growth of All That Remains has been such a beautiful evolution, and I pride myself that having been approached by many different opportunities I have always considered the ethos and back bone of the label. If it’s not staying true to who I am, it’s not in consideration.

I also have had the chance to work with the most creative and talented family of individuals over the years in Photographers, Art Directors, Models, Artists, Mothers and all of the boutiques that represent the brand.

So, to me I’ve never felt alone, I’ve felt held and supported and the Label still represents the core message it did 10 years ago – timeless femineity, thoughtful simplicity.

Has your personal style evolved at all since becoming a mother?

I work from my home space, I get dressed every day in a piece from the collection and often will wear white lace head to toe which is completely impractical but it’s what I love and brings me joy. My shirts are also on high rotation when I am breastfeeding.

Leaha Lockley of All That Remains

What’s the best pieces of advice you’ve ever been given?

Be true to yourself. Keep it simple. Keep it small.

What knowledge and advice would you like to pass on to future generations who wish to be involved in fashion? 

Begin by acknowledging your handwriting, your ethos your mantra. Learn and respect the knowledge and wisdom of our elders, you can always learn more. Be clear in what you want to offer the world, what impact does it create, consider the process.

Create a thoughtful practice in the best way you can, quality has no fear of time, stay true to your vision. Get to know your community, pour your love into each hand-written note, every time you fold a garment, each photo shoot, the people whom sell your clothing in the bricks and mortar boutiques. Show gratitude and really enjoy what you.

Leaha Lockley of All That Remains

What do you love about living in the Northern Beaches of Sydney? Any favourite spots we should know about?

Even though I still call Bundalung country home, I live on Gurangai Country. I live as far north as you possibly can go in Sydney’s northern Beaches -The Geography of where we live means we are walking distance to incredible rock formations, ancient Kurangi landscapes, 5 minutes to some of the most beautiful pristine beaches and waterways.  Angophoras, a plethora of bird life and extremely quiet and peaceful country. We spend a lot of time on the Pittwater and bushwalking in West head national park. It’s an extremely quiet, safe and heavenly place to bring up our children.

Tell us what’s up next for the brand. Anything exciting in the works?

We will be sharing our latest offering in the next few months, I have reintroduced a lot of earthy colour, patterns and ancient textile techniques. Artists motifs patch worked into the collection along with new Les Essential styles. The world currently feels chaotic and messy, people are longing for a sense of freedom. There is a lot of inward and reflection in our movements, so I wanted to express this in the pieces. We also will welcome a new baby into our world at the end of the year. And there is something very exciting to come in Europe early next year.

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