Becky Morton of Peony

meet becky morton, who in 2012 founded the luxury sustainable swimwear brand, Peony. Named after the bloom that signals the beginning of summer.

A life-long love affair with the ocean gave peony its authenticity and purpose. Its thoughtful collection of swimwear is an essential for a sun-drenched escape to paradise, inspiring confidence and joy with each wear. A sense of timelessness exists within each collection, allowing pieces to become treasured mementos of summers gone by and to come.

Since beginning its journey towards sustainability, the charismatic brand has taken leaps and bounds. With its eco-pioneering efforts and innate charm, peony is now recognised as a global leader in sustainable luxury swimwear.

We sat down with Becky recently to learn more...


1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Determined. Compassionate. Dynamic


2. Your ultimate holiday destination.

My husband and I recently honeymooned in Italy which was incredible, but right now I am craving some down time with my family somewhere quiet and close by. Any small Australian coastal town within driving distance will do!

3. Words to live by.

I fell in love with Desiderata by Max Ehrmann when I first read it in high school. I find the different paragraphs become more or less significant as life evolves and I never get tired of reading it.


4. How and when did sustainability become a core part of your design process and doing business? What makes Peony sustainable?

I have always been very passionate about sustainability. In 2017, I decided to shift the brand drastically towards sustainability which started with the introduction of fabrics made from recycled content. 

Today, 100% of peony swimwear styles are made entirely from recycled and sustainable fabrics. This includes our printed fabrics, our custom textures and even our inner linings! This offering is truly extraordinary on a global level and something we are extremely proud of. 

When you choose peony swimwear styles made from recycled nylon “waste”, rather than swimwear made from new nylon, you are helping to clean oceans, clear landfills and re-use nylon waste.

For resort-wear, our fabrics have been carefully selected based on their environmental impact and uncompromising luxury. All resort-wear pieces are consciously created from natural fibres and innovative sustainable fabrics such as Organic Cotton, Linen, Hemp and EcoVero.

We use compostable and biodegradable packaging throughout our supply chain and we only partner with SA8000 certified suppliers. This is the leading social certification standard for factories and organisations across the globe.


5. What is the most important lesson you’ve learned?

To trust in my judgements and instincts. I have also learned the importance of tempering my desire to maximise every single opportunity with the wisdom that you cannot do everything, all at once.


6. What are you listening to right now?


7. Your proudest Peony moment?

Selling my first swimwear piece at the Village Markets in Burleigh was a moment I will never forget, and then more recently reading articles in Forbes and the AFR which highlighted peony as a business and it’s sustainability efforts were major pinch me moments.

take a look at Peony's latest collection at kind curations here.