Tegan x Brooke

When our style crush Tegan Dermek and photographer Brooke Davies get together, you know the results are going to be good! Tegan recently picked a few of her favourite pieces from Kind Curations and headed to The Lucent Room for an afternoon with one of our favourite local photographers.

We sent a few questions about style to Tegan while she's currently travelling for Fashion Week.

What does style mean to you?

Your personal style is the first impression the world is getting of you. So I think it’s a really important way to project to the world a bit about who you are and how you want to be perceived. Dressing in a well styled and comfortable outfit can bring a newfound confidence and really create a positive ripple effect throughout the whole day. This rapper once told me he dresses every morning like it could be his last day and I liked that. It really links back to putting in the effort when you dress in the morning to create confidence for yourself throughout the day.

Tegan wears the All That remains Jean Dress in Salt. 

How has your style evolved over the years?

As I’ve gotten older I’ve culled my wardrobe more and more. These days I like having fewer high quality garments rather than a high quantity of poor quality garms. I’ve noticed that moving country seems to have major influence on what I wear, so my style is more diverse than it used to be.

Tegan wears the All That Remains Joelle Dress in Almond 

What does a regular day look like for you?

I don’t really have a standard schedule, but as I write this I’m at New York fashion week doing showroom modelling for a denim brand called Agolde. I get up at 7, get the subway to work and try on what feels like a billion pairs of jeans for different buyers, then finish up around 8 and head to a bar, gallery, comedy club, or whatever’s happening after work. I love the energy of fashion week in the big city but I miss nature and surfing loads when I’m here.

Lonely Dita Swimsuit Apple

Tegan wears the Lonely Dita Swimsuit in Apple

If you could choose only 5 pieces to be in your wardrobe, what would they be?

My vintage leather trench, my favourite brown plaid mini skirt, a vintage tee, a teeny black bikini and a Deiji linen robe.