Mother's Day with Vermeer Studio

Gabriel and Tané, the two talented women and mothers behind Vermeer Studio. Tell us about what you were doing before you launched the brand?

Tané: My background is photography.

Gabriel: My background is fashion design.


Tané (left) wears Matteau Shirred Plunge Mini Dress, Gabriel (right) wears Ciao Lucia Rochelle Dress.


How would you describe your creative process?

We are inspired a lot by the Australian landscape and nature. We both have a love for the ocean and hinterland which plays into our love to explore with colours and beads. We have also both always been inspired by our mothers and their grace. But when it comes to sitting down and getting creative, a glass of wine and each other’s company always helps spark a few ideas. We sit down and play around with different pieces and that’s simply how we come up with a lot of our designs. It’s a lot of trial and error and back and forth and we love it this way. 


Vermeer Studio at Kind Curations


How have you managed to stay creative amongst the chaos and regiments of mum life?

Sometimes we find it really hard to juggle all the chaos, but we really push each other to stay creative. We have really trialled what works for us and what does not, so a lot of things have changed throughout the years which we both think is healthy. The other beautiful thing about there being two of us is that if one of us feels a little out of touch creatively we can always rely on the other to carry the load until we are ready to jump back in. 


Vermeer Studio at Kind Curations

Gabriel (above) wears the Vermeer Studio Finley Bracelet.


What has most surprised you about motherhood?

Motherhood has really grown us in so many ways. What has most surprised us, is how we are able to wear so many different hats and do so many things at once. It is a real balancing act and our minds are always going (we mean, never stop), but somehow as mums we just keep getting it done.


Any life hacks for managing a business and being a mum at the same time?

Tané: My hack is making lists. I was never a list or organised person and now I love making lists every night, whether it’s big things or small things, I need to write it all down on paper.

Gabriel: I am also a very big list person otherwise I will easily miss things. I also think it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself. A lot of things are out of our control and that is okay. 


Vermeer Studio at Kind Curations


What’s on your wish list from Kind Curations this Mother’s Day?

Tané: I hope my son buys me the Apartmento Berlin Living Rooms by Dominique Nabokov

Gabriel: I also hope my kids will get me the Apartmento The House of Xavier Corberó and Maison Balzac Le Matin Oil Burner Blend.


What’s in store for Vermeer Studios in 2024?

We are working on clothing hard and slow. We are hoping for this to be launched in 2024.


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